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Уровень дохода: 130000 руб. в месяц

Тип работы: Полный рабочий день

Место работы:

Специализация и профессиональные навыки:

Отрасль: IT, компьютеры, работа в интернете
Summary of Qualifications I<m experienced technical director, team lead and senior programmer.
I have been designing and developing software professionally full time for 18 years.
I have unique competency in design of high complexity algorithms, creating hard real-time systems, system architecture and software development and full lifecycle experience in scoping, designing, developing, deploying, and supporting enterprise scale business applications and online services.
Skills Summary - Leadership experience - Excellent decision making capabilities and detail-oriented, problem solving skills - Full visibility of the development process;
in-depth technical architecture, design and implementation of complex software systems - An understanding of commercial pressures and an ability to deliver "on-schedule" - Experienced with dealing with non-technical clients Technical Skills Summary - C++/STL, C#, T-SQL, Intel x86 assembler, PostScript, Perl, Java, Action Script - Windows, UNIX, J2ME, Windows Mobile, DOS, DPMI, OS-9000 - x86 PC and SBC, PCI, VME, ISA - Visual Studio, Borland C++ Builder, GNU C++, Microware C++, Microsoft SQL Tools, Intel VTune - Client-Server, TCP/IP, sockets, RPC, ADO.NET
Учебные заведения:
Минский Радиотехнический институт (высшее), с 1987 по 1992 Специальность: Вычислительные машины, комплексы, системы и сети
О себе:
Гражданство Белоруссия
Возможность командировок: есть

Личная информация

Город проживания: Москва

Уровень образования: Высшее

Год рождения: 1970 г. (49 лет)

Пол: Мужской

Семейное положение: Холост

Опыт работы:

Four Entertainment Ltd, Moscow, Russia, http://www.4ent.ru , с августа 2007 по настоящее время Должность: Technical Director Developed and maintained the technical vision of the game;
responsible for all technical processes and technology.
Coordinated and managed the activities to ensure timely completion and delivery of the product.
Provided advice for the company as a whole on issues concerning general project status and quality, strategy for new technology, distribution, integrated marketing and general technology based solutions Project: TouryChat mobile online social gaming platform, http://www.getjar.com/tr/products/17500/Gotoury J2ME, WURFL/UAProf, GPRS/WAP, TCP IOCP sockets, NET3.5, C#, T-SQL MIDP2.0, PHP5/Apache, Win/WinMobile, MS SQL Server Sdols Labs, Moscow, Russia , с февраля 2007 по август 2007 Должность: Technical Director Browser entertainment application and online service development that included programming and creative design.
Acted as primary programmer on the server side and provided experience product development in collaborative effort.
Project: Зверогонки (Pet Races) online game service and flash client application Web Service (.NET 3.5), Microsoft SQL 2005, Adobe Flash (AS2.0) Intel/Russia, http://www.intel.ru , с марта 2006 по февраль 2007 Должность: Senior Software Project: SoftSDV Pre-Silicon Developing Environment Responsible for platform infrastructure modeling: models of hub devices (MCH and ICH), platform topology (different buses) and general infrastructure for SoftSDV like Save/Restore, inter-module communication etc.
Microsoft C++, GNU C++, Active Perl;
Windows, Cygwin, Linux May Ltd., Moscow, Russia, http://www.may.ru/ , с августа 2002 по март 2006 Должность: Head of IT Dept., development team leader Project: Corporate Information System Responsible for business process modeling of new version of CIS and ensure smooth transition to new model while maintaining full old system in working state.
New model used in applications in various areas from logistics and financial analysis to sales support utilites.
Project: Remote Sales System Organized, directed, and managed design and development of the Sales System for remote clients via Internet.
The system has to maintain connection to present Corporate Information System and serves as prototype for new business model testing.
Windows 2000 Adv Server+ Internet Information Server, Solaris 2.7 Microsoft SQL Server 2000, DiamondBase (freeware) Microsoft Transact SQL, Visual Basic (ADO.NET) and Visual C++, GNU C++, C++ Builder May Ltd., Moscow, Russia, http://www.may.ru/ , с января 1999 по август 2002 Должность: Lead Programmer Project: Accounting System Designed and implemented subsystem for the Accounting Analysis.
The main goal for system was to create and implement some pseudo-intellectual system of tax optimisation.
Project: Sales System Responsible for complete Server-side and Client-side design and programming.
System used freeware non-SQL relational database on Solaris for speed optimizations of requests.
Client part implemented under C++ Builder and communicates with server using my own small RPC library.
Solaris 2.7, Windows NT, DiamondBase (freeware), GNU C++, C++ Builder ElectroTECH Multimedia Ltd., Moscow, Russia , с августа 1998 по декабрь 1998 Должность: Senior programmer Project: "Eurasia the Apocalypse" RTS game Responsible for intermission logic and for optimization of raster graphic rendering algorithms Windows 98, Intel VTune, Winsock 2.0, MS VC++, Intel C++ and assembler KBTEM-OMO State Scientific and Production Enterprise, Minsk, Belarus http://www.planar.by/about/kbtem-omo/ , с декабря 1996 по август 1998 Должность: Lead software engineer Project: GI 5089-B Laser Pattern Generator Responsible for the overall architecture, high and low level design, implementation and testing of software, was acting as coordinator of 6 groups of specialists.
Performed complete analysis and vertical design of system architecture of the scanned laser pattern generator with emphasized requirements, such as throughput and "writing quality".
Developed algorithms and specifications for precision control of Stage and Focusing systems.
Performed mathematical definition, modeling and programmed the algorithm for vector-to-raster transformation problem (rasterization): created mathematical model supporting enhanced "writing" with an irregular interstitial grid and grayscale control, multipass printing strategy and original reference image formation.
Intel x86 PC and single-board computers, PCI, VME, Windows NT, OS-9000, DOS Microware C++, Borland C++, C++ Builder and assembler KBTEM-OMO, Minsk, Belarus , с сентября 1992 по декабрь 1996 Должность: Software engineer Project: PostScript Interpreter Designed and implemented a kernel part of PostScript interpreter: operations with graphic state, paths, halftones and fonts.
Developed and programmed the removing overlays in the composition of the arbitrary vector topologies algorithm.
Project: GI 5139 Laser Pattern Generator Created a Control Program, programmed the Debugging and Adjustment Tool;
coded about 50 utilities and hardware tests.
Windows NT, DOS and DPMI32, Borland C++ and assembler, ISA

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